Business Management Solutions

Whether you are a startup or an established high-end business, we can help you. We create applications that are customisable to the needs of your business. Our team of developers are experts who value excellence. We’ll focus on the technology so, business owners can focus on growing their business.

Time Tracker System

Time Tracker System

Facial recognition ensures that the right person is present at the right time.

  • a web-based application integrated with customization functions according to client's needs
  • mobile app available for download in Google Play and App Store
  • includes employee database with photos and staff information
  • easy to view time in and out dashboard (daily, weekly and monthly view)
  • monitor each employee's leaves (vacation and sick)

Inventory & Stock Control Software

Easily organize and track inventory for your business.

  • a web-based application with a user-friendly dashboard
  • stock counting
  • stock reporting page
  • setting the recommended value of items to order
  • auto computes the number of items to order based on the recommended value

Inventory & Stock Control Software
Payroll System

Payroll System

Customize payroll module based on your business, employment, and pay setup.

  • a web-based application that can be customized as per client's request
  • mobile friendly so you can manage the payroll system even while on the go
  • monitors employee's attendance
  • calculates gross pay based on employees time rendered
  • calculates bonuses, deductions and allowances
  • export payroll report in Excel format  

Team Scheduler (Rota Shifts)

Team scheduling made easy!

  • a web-based application that is mobile friendly for easy access
  • add work schedules
  • schedule holiday and sick leaves of employees
  • export daily, weekly or monthly team schedule report in Excel format

Team Scheduler (Rota Shifts)
Human Resource System

Human Resource System

We offer a one stop HR solution for a more efficient workforce!

  • a web-based application that is also mobile friendly for the admins that are on the go
  • add employee information
  • leave management with calendar view
  • seamless project management to easily track team's work progress

Accounting Software

Run your business from anywhere to our easy-to-use accounting software designed for businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.

  • record and monitor invoices and bank slip
  • upload receipts, petty cash and bank slips for easy viewing
  • can generate ending report via excel
  • Manage and monitor stock and inventory
  • connected with time tracker where you can check employee schedules
  • Extract payroll via excel

Accounting Software